You are welcome to look up any resources online this weekend to build whatever you want (a mobile app, a website, an analytics project, AR/VR, etc.) for any purpose, as long as it supports everyone in the fight against coronavirus. Feel free to invite any friends and classmates to join you! They can sign up whenever they want at to receive information about future hackathons and educational resources.

Hacking starts on Friday (March 20) at 12:00 UTC (Friday night at 8:00 pm in Taipei, Friday morning at 8:00 am EDT / 5:00 am PDT in the US). You may work in teams of up to 5, and you are welcome to submit as many projects as you want before Tuesday at 12:00 UTC (Tuesday night at 20:00 in Taipei, Tuesday morning at 8:00 am EDT / 5:00 am PDT in the US). We will feature the best project on our website!

Although this event runs for 96 hours, please be sure to get enough sleep. In fact, we scheduled this length so that you can work at a comfortable, low-stress pace over the weekend. You can also check out this link for additional resources for this weekend. We look forward to seeing your creativity in action!